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Recycling Sorting Facility

With the crisis our state is facing concerning electronics, particularly with the old televisions & computer monitors we see scattered across our landscape, the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful (KPB) board is suggesting ways to augment the local electronics recycling programs which are in place.  KPB has already communicated with legislators about illegal dumping of electronics at recycling drop-off's, vacant lots, alleys, riverbanks, streams and along roadways.

Consumers want and need to know not only where to take their televisions and old monitors, but why is it worth taking those extra steps?  Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful has made it easy to obtain this information, eWastePA.org does exactly that.  Please check out that link, as well as http://www.keeppabeautiful.org/ to answer your electronics recycling questions and concerns.

KPB Logo 

Two private Trash Collection Companies may service the Wayne Township residents:  Advanced Disposal 800-338-8971and Waste Management 877-823-1030.  Please call either of those two companies to set up your trash collection schedule. If you should learn of another service provider for our area, please call the office at 663-1663 and let us know.

Trash Collection Truck 

 eCycle Symbol
You can conveniently free your life of waste, by participating in eWaste & Household Hazardous Waste Collections.  This program is open to Erie County residents only.  Pre-registration is required.  A 20-cent per-pound fee for e-waste and 35-cent per-pound fee for household hazardous waste will be applied. 

To register, simply contact the Erie County Recycling Program (ECRP) toll-free at (866) 815-0016. 
For more details, visit http://www.greeneriepa.org/erie-county-recycling-convenience-center.html  or call (814) 451-6019.

Monthly Collections are located in Millcreek Township at the Erie County Recycling Center - 1624 Filmore Avenue  Erie, PA.  Erie County Recycling Center will be open for monthly collections on the 2nd Saturday of each month from February through December, of E-Waste & Household Hazardous Waste (HHW).

Click on the link below for the Erie County Recycling Program 2017 Event Dates & Info:
ECRP 2017 Event Dates

 ECRP Logo
ACCEPTABLE MATERIALS:  Consumer Electronics (e-Waste) and Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
ACCEPTABLE E-WASTE:  Televisions . CD Players . PC's, computer printers & peripherals . Mobile Phones . VCR's . Stereos & Tape Players . Fax machines . Copiers
ACCEPTABLE HHW:  Cleaning products . Automotive products . Lawn & garden products . Indoor pesticides . Mercury thermostats or thermometers . Fluorescent light buls & CFL bulbs . Driveway sealer . Flammable products . Paint & Paint products . Auto & Household Batteries
UNACCEPTABLE MATERIALS INCLUDE:  Ammunition & explosives . Radioactive material . Biological (sharps) . Smoke detectors   

Best Buy & Lowes Stores will both accept electronics for recycling.  Please visit their recycling webpages using these links: bestbuyrecycling / lowesrecycling 
>> NOTE >>  Best Buy is no longer accepting TV's or Monitors at their Pennsylvania stores.  They are still accepting other electronics, and they may still recycle TV's if you are purchasing a new one.  But they will no longer allow drop-offs of Televisions of any size.

HOME DEPOT can take CFL lights for recycling, instead of disposing in the trash.

does actual salvage projects, and you may donate any building/construction materials that are still reusable.  Items may be dropped off at their warehouse >> 413 East 9th Street on Tuesday-Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Click here for more information.

    Lowes Logo

Avoid neighbor complaints and/or Nuisance Ordinance Violations. 
Below are a few resources for you to consider, although there are many junk vehicle & scrap metal dealers within a 60-mile radius of Wayne Township.

Lincoln Metal Processing has a 3-step process for disposing of junk vehicles:
1.  Call 814-838-7628 Extension 102 for pickup.
2.  Lincoln Metal Processing sends out a tow truck to remove your vehicle.
3.  You receive money $$$ for your junk vehicle.

Harmony Auto Parts  5130 Route 474  Ashville, NY 
716-763-9957           http://www.harmonyautoparts.com/

Metalico Company
   5338 Route 474    Ashville, NY 
716-782-2125                     http://metalico.com/

Milk Carton 

Both refrigerated and shelf-stable (terra-paks) cartons are now accepted in our Erie County (curbside) Recycling Programs, with or without lids/caps on.  Cartons can be transformed into tissues and writing papers, as they are white fiber.  An informative website about carton recycling: www.recyclecartons.com.

Medicine Bottle 

Many residents wonder how to properly dispose of unwanted or expired medicines.  The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has listed new disposal options that might be coming:
1.  The PA DEP has a website where you can search your zip code and get the closest drop-offs.  These are the currently listing of options for folks in Erie County to drop-off unwanted medications.  https://apps.ddap.pa.gov/GetHelpNow/PillDropSearch.aspx?zip=16506.
2.  LECOM also has a link on their site about the reason for properly disposing of unwanted medication & then a list of the locations that accept them:  https://lecom.edu/safely-dispose-of-your-unwanted-medications/.
3.  The Dept. of Health has a flyer with the locations & contact information in case folks have questions:  https://www.eriecountypa.gov/media/341560/med-return-flyer-_1.pdf.
There are currently 12 locations, and most are either police stations or university Police & Safety offices, because of the security need.

Waste Management is now responsible for the operation of the county's four drop-off sites.  Each site is "single-stream" recycling collection. Residents can place fiber & commingled containers in any bin.  Please do not flatten cans - those must remain 3-dimensional.  Squash the air from plastic bottles & replace the lids.  All glass & metal container lids should be disposed of in the trash.  Single-Stream recycling improves operational efficiencies, increases recycling access, and reduces collection costs.  For more information & directions to any of the sites go to www.eriecountyrecycling.com.

Curbside Recycling 

There are 4 locations within Erie County for residents to drop-off recyclables for free.  These are "Single-Stream" containers available 24 hrs/day 7 days/week.  
ACCEPTABLE items include:  Newspapers, magazines, junk mail, liquid food & beverage cartons, paperboard food containers, flattened cardboard, plastic items containing the recycling symbol, jars & cans.
UNACCEPTABLE items include: Aluminum foil (used), electronics & appliances, food waste, hazardous waste, plastic bags or films, Styrofoam cups/containers, window glass, yard waste (grass clippings, branches, woods & shrubbery).    
No trash please.
NOTE:  Erie County Department of Planning has plans to place cameras at the local sites to monitor drop-offs and they will begin fining people for dumping any items not accepted at these sites.  Please read the signs which indicate what is acceptable and what is not.

::  Holy Trinity Lutheran Church - Albion
::  Washington Township Building - Edinboro                                
::  Franklin Township Building - Franklin       
::  Elgin-Beaverdam Fire Department - Elgin

Waste Management also has a drop-off in Summit Township across from the Landfill at 851 Robinson Road East, Erie PA.  This site is open on Mon. from 7a.m. - 8p.m. and Tues. - Sat. from 7a.m. - 3 p.m.  Otherwise the site is gated.                                  



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